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My First Deadly Night, Friday, 26th May 2017: God's angel rescued me-My dear wife!

As I staggered out of the hooks of the killer that awful night, somehow I remembered I would be collapsing in the few moments. And so if I was to ever survive that night, maybe visit a hospital, I needed to make an emergent call before I could collapse on the deadly Gayaza road!

Who did I call?

Blood was oozing out of my life like a river, and yes, my head had been hit hard and, given my medical experience, I knew how vulnerable a person in shock looks like.

And so I snatched myself out of the "sympathetic" Ugandan onlookers who had actually stood motionless as the murderous robber quenched out my little life and I crossed to the nearest place my mind could synchronize with my then (call it current) situation; Shell, Kalerwe.

The guard was not harsh, not at all. He reached out to me as I fell down on the feet of the vehicle that was parked there, and was patient enough to pay attention to my inaudible words as I struggled to utter the words, "I need to call my wife bef…
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Ebola Slaps DRC, Kills 3 Instantly & Warns Many, WHO reports, 15/05/2017

Ebola hit DRC, Likati health zone, Bas Uele Province in the Northern part of the country, first reported by the Ministry of Health, DRC. 

This terrible thing happens to simply remind us of the worst Ebola attack that ever happened in the world. Yes, it is said  that "starting in March 2014, a massive Ebola outbreak spread through multiple countries including Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. According to the WHO, Nearly 29,000 people were suspected to have been infected and more than 11,000 people died from the virus" (ABC news, 2017). 
Back to our story,
According to the official document released by World Health Organization, a story is told of a man who showed up at a local health facility on 22/04/2017 with all the signs and symptoms of the disease (ie fever, weakness, bloody diarrhoe, nose bleeds, blood in urine and extreme fatigue).
Of course, this 39 year old man died shortly as he was being transferred to Likati Health zone. 
So what trig…

What If The Increasing Mental Illnesses are due to Decreasing Human Contact With Nature? Don't Joke!

In their writings Cecily Maller and friends (2005) presented a detailed article highlighting the scientific evidences that human contact with nature could possibly be one of those life changing strategies public health and health promotion professionals need to employ to cater for populations health.
It has been proved beyond doubt that nature and physical environment around us is not only helpful because it provides food, water, air or any other resource but also for our living healthy. Actually, research shows that our spending a lot of hours and time with only human and artificial environments like cars, buildings or roads is one of the major reasons there is increasing mental and psychological health challenges.
According to the many studies, natural parks, having time with animals and observing or being in a natural environment for good time is important for our health, stress and depression prevention, appreciation of life and being satisfied with it, enhanced relationship with us…

For Nurses & Doctors: How To Handle Difficult Patients

Who is a difficult patient?Have you ever nursed a patient who is more irritating, nagging, and troublesome than actually his disease? I mean, have you ever come across a patient who is difficult to take care of? Oh I see; maybe you haven’t but your fellow nurse might have. And so you wonder! What Tips can I use as a nurse to successfully handle a difficult patient?
Read Also:What Makes You A Good Nurse
But wait! Who are difficult patients?

Why Health Management Information System (HMIS) Is Still a Mess in Uganda Healthcare

Why collect data we don't use?
In the writings of Taylor MJ and friends (2013), he says that the reason HMIS system is a failure in Uganda Healthcare system is because the data provided by health workers and hospitals is not used by the ministry and policy makers to improve the situation of those same people and hospitals that provide the data. 
And so the question resounds; why should we collect good data and submit timely and accurate reports if nothing shall be utilized for our improvement? Valid question, I suppose. 
Personal story; 
Last month, a group of Statisticians came from Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBoS) and were wandering around Mulago hospital floors asking us, all staff, about different things in name of collecting data for improved service delivery. Believe me, none of us wanted to talk to the guys. 
But wait! Our hospital management is wise, here is the trick they used;

The Death Of Muhoza Aurore

What good memory or experience do you have about her? Share with others. God bless you

Today is a sad Day for us! Yes, We have woken up to the bad news of Muhoza M Aurore, an OG and a room mate or Bedmate of my wife, Winnie Nemeyimana, who has passed away. 
When Winnie saw the picture of her, she cried profusely and loudly and then she went into our drawer and pulled out the photo album and narrated how they had both shared life in one room, in one life. 

We are hurt, sad, and cannot even imagine how more hard it is for her other friends, parents, and us all as a country. Oh God, we cannot ask you why for we never understand YOUR reasons, but we trust your decisions. 
So please, give us the strength we need to carry on through this pain, provide eternal consolation to Muhoza's parents and friends, and also provide for her justice father so that those involved in her death receive the right penalty. 

Yes God, and may her soul rest in eternal peace and glory. We shall dearly miss her and…

What Makes YOU A Good Nurse?

Nursing Is About YOU & The PATIENT

Every profession has its own specific issues, and nursing is one of those professions whose issues are actually complex and hurting. Besides, nursing issues are usually ignored, can you guess why? 
I cannot tell now (that shall be a topic of another day), but I probably think nursing is its own problem! Or maybe because it originally belongs to women, the same women who are still mistreated and under-looked by both their governments and families!
You are surprised, aren’t you?
Well, like I said, we shall come back to that (after all I hate giving opinions that have no facts or evidence).
But today, we have something interesting here on HEALTH & LIFE website; what makes you a good nurse? Have you ever wondered if you are actually a good nurse? What do you measure yourself against to tell that you are actually a great and good nurse? Yeah, we got your back; find the truth now.
What is nursing? And who is a nurse?