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This blog is specifically about my health career and general life stories. 

As you might have come across my biography in some of my eBooks or my other websites (The Complete You Ministry And Blogging The Easiest Way), you know very well that i am a professional nurse and public health officer and my wife (AmulenvWinfred) is a professional midwife and counselor.

It is on basis of the above background that we have thought it so important to share with the world and help millions of people who might need our help, counsel and services in relation to health and wellness. Yes, we shall be sharing general health tips, proper nursing practice, review helpful health-related ideas, books, research and articles, share about women and children's health needs and so much more. And as a rule, we love telling stories and thus we have included a real part for sharing with you our life stories and also welcome yours.

This is just the beginning!

Starting from our days when we were young, school times, working era and every other situation we have ever gone through, we are determined to make you happy and and walk with YOU as YOU find true happiness through our stories and the 'little' knowledge we have been blessed with. Please, join us by signing up for our email updates.

NB: This blog's management and principles still lie under the great mission of THE COMPLETE YOU MINISTRY which is to enrich people's lives in all aspects, including health, spirituality, economic, and general purposeful living. We hope you get blessed here.

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God bless you so much

Nemvicx CEO @The Complete You Ministry


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For Nurses & Doctors: How To Handle Difficult Patients

Who is a difficult patient?Have you ever nursed a patient who is more irritating, nagging, and troublesome than actually his disease? I mean, have you ever come across a patient who is difficult to take care of? Oh I see; maybe you haven’t but your fellow nurse might have. And so you wonder! What Tips can I use as a nurse to successfully handle a difficult patient?
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But wait! Who are difficult patients?

What Makes YOU A Good Nurse?

Nursing Is About YOU & The PATIENT

Every profession has its own specific issues, and nursing is one of those professions whose issues are actually complex and hurting. Besides, nursing issues are usually ignored, can you guess why? 
I cannot tell now (that shall be a topic of another day), but I probably think nursing is its own problem! Or maybe because it originally belongs to women, the same women who are still mistreated and under-looked by both their governments and families!
You are surprised, aren’t you?
Well, like I said, we shall come back to that (after all I hate giving opinions that have no facts or evidence).
But today, we have something interesting here on HEALTH & LIFE website; what makes you a good nurse? Have you ever wondered if you are actually a good nurse? What do you measure yourself against to tell that you are actually a great and good nurse? Yeah, we got your back; find the truth now.
What is nursing? And who is a nurse?

Why Health Management Information System (HMIS) Is Still a Mess in Uganda Healthcare

Why collect data we don't use?
In the writings of Taylor MJ and friends (2013), he says that the reason HMIS system is a failure in Uganda Healthcare system is because the data provided by health workers and hospitals is not used by the ministry and policy makers to improve the situation of those same people and hospitals that provide the data. 
And so the question resounds; why should we collect good data and submit timely and accurate reports if nothing shall be utilized for our improvement? Valid question, I suppose. 
Personal story; 
Last month, a group of Statisticians came from Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBoS) and were wandering around Mulago hospital floors asking us, all staff, about different things in name of collecting data for improved service delivery. Believe me, none of us wanted to talk to the guys. 
But wait! Our hospital management is wise, here is the trick they used;